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8 Health Benefits of Kombucha

A Kombucha is an ancestral drink of Chinese origin with more than 2.000 years. It is made from black or green tea, sweetened with sugar and fermented by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

Fermented black or green tea is a potent natural probiotic and helps to regenerate and strengthen the intestinal flora.

Kombucha is considered a drink beneficial to health and, therefore, falls into the category of functional foods, which are those foods for which there is already scientific evidence about its benefits in the body.

The balance between the immune, digestive and neuronal systems is critical to health and longevity. THE Kombucha contributes in several ways to maintain this balance.

In this article, we will cover the many benefits of kombucha. We will also provide links where you can find more information on these topics if you are interested.

Benefits of Kombucha 

Image of a scoby with several bottles of kombucha next to it

1. Potential Source of Probiotics 

A Kombucha recipe It's simple: a sweet tea that is fermented with the addition of a culture of bacteria and yeast. These two species live in symbiosis and act in a cooperation model for the balanced development of all the strains present. 

throughout the fermentation process, more microorganisms are reproduced and the end result is a drink with lactic and acetic acid properties and other constituents known to have a probiotic action.

Although there is scientific evidence about the presence of probiotics in lactic acid bacteria and several reports that reinforce this benefit, there is still no study that proves such information regarding the Kombucha.

2. A Drink Rich in Antioxidants 

Kombucha prepared with green tea acquires many of the beneficial properties of this type of tea, which is rich in antioxidant polyphenols. 

Polyphenols are important phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties. These bioactive compounds have benefits in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, which are risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. 

Kombucha strengthens the immune As it is a probiotic drink with antioxidant action (rich in vitamins C, K and B complex), it is an excellent supplement for those who are following a detox diet. In addition, it helps the body's immunity, making it less susceptible to diseases. Finally, its intake improves the absorption of nutrients and fights the action of free radicals against premature aging.

Recent studies also indicate that Kombucha has the ability to bind and promote elimination of toxic molecules as heavy metals.

3. May Help Control Type-2 Diabetes 

This type of diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. It is an increasingly frequent problem in today's society and has been aggravated in recent decades due to the mass consumption of soft drinks and other foods that are harmful to health.

However, healthier lifestyles and alternatives to sugary drinks are starting to appear more and more, with the Kombucha considered a healthy substitute for soft drinks.

Recent Studies carried out with rats, demonstrate that the administration of balanced Kombuchas and fermentation nature induces regenerative effects on liver and kidney function in investigational diabetic models. 

4. Has Anticancer Properties

A Kombucha has the ability to prevent the development of cancer cells. This is what some studies show to the properties of green tea that prove its anti-proliferative effects against cancer, a fact that can be attributed to its high content of polyphenols. 

These bioactive compounds block mutations and growth of these dangerous cells while inducing their cell death and enhancing their anti-tumor activity. 

5. Prevention of Intestinal Infections 

The microorganisms present in fermentation help maintain intestinal health and improve intestinal functioning. The drink is also great to drink after meals, thanks to its enzymes, which help fight digestive discomforts.

Ingesting Kombucha brings many health benefits. This includes inhibiting the growth of bacteria that can be harmful, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritidis, Enterobacter cloacae, Helicobacter pylori, and Listeria monocytogenes.

These enteropathogens are responsible for numerous serious diseases such as gastroenteritis, listeriosis, salmonellosis, gastritis, as well as certain types of stomach cancer.

6. Vitamin Source 

Kombucha has been associated with several health benefits, namely in the improvement of the intestinal microbiota and the immune system. This may be due to the fact that it contains Complex B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin C and probiotics. 

Type B vitamins, which help the body to release energy from food and keep the nervous system healthy. THE Kombucha contains a broad spectrum of B vitamins in a form that can be assimilated by the body, ensuring an improvement in mood as well as aiding cognition and learning. 

Vitamin C, with high antioxidant power, is also found in Kombucha.  

Person holding a SCOBY

7. Pain and Inflammation Control 

 Kombucha contains glucosamine, which is an amino acid present in our body that contributes to increasing joint density and elasticity, as well as reducing joint friction. 

 Therefore, regular consumption of Kombucha it is beneficial for arthritis and other inflammatory processes that produce pain and discomfort. 

8. Sleep Improvement

The correct functioning of the digestive system is essential for the quality of sleep. 

The enzymes present in Kombucha aid in the digestion process of cooked foods that lack these enzymes. O intestinal flora imbalance can lead to sleep imbalances, which can cause chronic fatigue and lack of energy. 

In this context, the probiotic properties of Kombucha also help to improve sleep quality.

Industrial Kombuchas

The healthy reproduction of microorganisms throughout the process analyzed in scientific studies is made from traditional recipes with natural fermentation. The same recipe as MAI Kombucha Kit.

Mai Kombucha Kit

The expansion and popularization of this drink brought consequences such as the industrialization of production. Yield, gas and added sugar techniques, in addition to pasteurization and high filtration for complete removal of microorganisms, kill the real benefits of a true Kombucha

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to which Kombucha we are analyzing, as not all Kombucha are made the way they should be.


A Kombucha It is a drink that has been enjoyed for centuries, but remains popular today because of its unique flavor and healthy properties. With countless benefits including the ability to aid digestion, rich in antioxidants, immune function and more - it's no wonder this drink continues to grow in popularity! 

If you want some of these benefits for your health (and your family), then we encourage you to try our MAI Kombucha today. Who knows? You can find your new favorite drink!


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  • MAI Kombucha on 19 11, Friday

    Hi Frederico, thank you for taking the time to read our article on the benefits of Kombucha. We're glad it was interesting and informative! We hope you will continue to enjoy this refreshing drink as part of a healthy lifestyle. Health!

  • Frederico Leão on 09 10, Saturday

    I've been drinking kombucha for a while now and it has done wonders to keep me healthy. I love everything about this fermented tea! The article on the benefits of kombucha is very interesting. I'm glad to learn more about this drink. Thank you, Mai Kombucha!

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