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Kombucha is the drink of good!

Made from fermented green tea, it's refreshing, healthy and the perfect alternative to sugary drinks, sodas and alcoholic beverages!

During the process, the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, better known as SCOBY, consumes the sugar and transforms the tea into a naturally carbonated drink, full of organic acids and enzymes beneficial for intestinal balance.


What are the benefits?
Kombucha, which was once called the tea of ​​immortality, did not get this nickname by accident. À part of the pleasure of a refreshing and surprising drink there are many physiological health benefits, the main ones being:
Because it is a live drink with good microorganisms, kombucha helps you balance the intestinal flora and consequently strengthen the immune system.
The organic acids naturally created in the fermentation process have great antioxidant and detoxifying power, and help to prevent disease and delay premature aging.