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The Dream of the Good Drink

MAI Kombucha was born with the dream of multiplying a magical drink. We believe in the transforming power of the Kombucha Universe and its ability to promote more positive, conscious and healthy habits.

We work for a world with less soft drinks and more kombuchas, less preservatives and more life, less plastic and more nature, a more natural and less artificial world.


MAI's Kombucha was born from many tests and feedbacks. An evolutionary process with the aim of making the best Kombucha ever! 

The beverage of good is the result of two calm fermentations, the first to transform the tea into Kombucha and a second, inside the bottle, to produce natural gas.

We let nature do its work and respect it throughout our process with sustainable practices, fresh and organic ingredients (no concentrates, preservatives, added gas or yield techniques).


We have the mission of multiplying the Kombucha culture and its benefits in Portugal with the purpose of inspiring positive transformations.

The MAI Kombucha kit was developed with the intention of sharing the knowledge of the Kombucha Universe and promoting the consumption of a drink rich in soul and health.