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MAI Kombucha Workshop

Workshop on how to make homemade Kombucha, recorded on 26.05.2022

 After your purchase it is necessary to send an email asking for access to recording.

It's fun, rewarding and can save you money! In addition, this process can give you more control over the flavor as well as the sugar content, which will suit your taste buds perfectly.

A different workshop! With more organized and detailed material to help in your main doubts and ensure the way to make the best Kombucha ever!

In-depth topics: 
   1. How to make Kombucha - main recipe
   2. Fermentation and harvest time
   3. How to flavor and flavor Kombucha
   4. How to carbonate naturally
   5. The chemistry behind Kombucha
   6. The secret of a good Kombucha
   7. How to take care of SCOBY's
   8. Contamination and problems with the Kombucha culture
   9. Making Kombucha in the Cold
   10. The 5 most common mistakes and hits of a Kombucheiro

During the online session, Gonçalo will use the products from MAI Kombucha Kit to make homemade Kombucha. This kit will be the starting point for the preparation of the Workshop.

We invite you to embark with us to the Kombucha Universe and together we will share Happy Fermentations!

Do not miss this opportunity.